Ghana: 300 volunteer for HIV test at Nyive district

More than 300 Ghanaians voluntarily submitted to taking the HIV/AIDS test at Nyive in the Ho Municipal area at the weekend.

Male and female condoms were also distributed to the people in the community.

The event was organized by the Volta Region Branch of Paralegals Association with the GOSANET Foundation, a health non-governmental organisation, under the auspices of the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Ghana.

It was under the theme, Living with HIV/AIDS and Improving Women’s Access to Justice, the role of the community. 

It was to sensitise the community on the basic human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Samuel Yao Atidzah, Executive Director of GOSANET Foundation, Ghana, said stigmatization had sent most people with HIV into hiding and unprotected sex.

He, therefore, called for a concerted effort by stakeholders to re-strategize to eliminate this drawback.

Mr. Atidzah appealed to society to be sympathetic to the plight of PLHIVs, “show them love and give them every assistance and encouragement to seek medical assistance.”

Mr. Atidzah advised PLHIVs to live healthy lifestyles to prolong their lives in order to contribute their quota to the development of their communities.

He also advised the youth living along the borders to be wary of having sex with people who cross the border into their communities.


Source: Ghana News Agency

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