“The world population needs to be reduced” -Bill Gates

InformAfrica: Did you know – Bill Gates and George Soros, among other jointly-related billionaires, publicly states and supports the initiative that: “the world population needs to be reduced” ?

Bill Gates Bio-weapon Africa population control

Guess where or who they are reducing in population?

OccupyCorporatism reported earlier this year in a post titled: “Bill Gates Asks Fellow Billionaires to Help Reduce World’s Population“, where Billy Goat said he (they) don’t want population growth in places like Yemen, Pakistan and parts of Africa.

War/turmoil and disease/sickness outbreaks are weapons of population reduction. It is obvious the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are longtime sponsors of the invention of virus strains plaguing Africa.

Bill Gates on Population Reduction: “I don’t think people like to say out loud that we want to let these kids die because there are too many of them. But by choosing not to get into health in our early days I was a victim of the myth around overpopulation. But there is just phenomenally good news here. The world’s population will peak. Now, we do have huge population growth in places where we don’t want it, like Yemen and Pakistan and parts of Africa, where we don’t have the resources to really help those people. So we need to get serious about figuring out how to make sure there’s relative health and satisfaction in those places.”

  • Google search for “Bill Gates on population reduction“: https://www.google.com/#q=george+soros+on+population+reduction
  • Google search for “George Soros on population reduction“: https://www.google.com/#q=bill+gates+on+population+reduction
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