AFRICA: Information about Kisii County in Kenya


InformAfrica – Kisii County is a district in the Nyanza Province of southwestern Kenya, and is mostly inhabited by the Gusii tribe or Kisii people. Kisii is the capital town of Kisii county.

As of 2010, Kisii county has 7 constituencies which are: Bobasi, Bonchari, Bomachoge, Kitutu Chache, Nyaribari Chache, Nyaribari Masaba, and South Mugirango.

Information about Gusii Tribe (Kenya)

The Gusii tribe is also called the Kisii; a name they got from the former colonialists who found it difficult to pronounce the word abagusii. The language spoken by the Kisii people is called ekegusii. They make up approximately 6% of the Kenyan population. Their real place of origin is disputable. They are believed to have originally migrated from the northern African country now called Egypt while some sources also say that they originated in Congo basin forests presently know as DRC (Democratic republic of Congo) alongside other Bantu groups.

Where Is Kisii County Located?

Kisii county is located to the south east of Lake Victoria and is bordered by six counties with Narok to the south, Migori to the west, Homa Bay to the north west, Kisumu to the north, Bomet to the south east and Nyamira to the east.

Map of Kisii County Constituencies and Wards

Map of Kisii County, Constituencies and Wards by Albert Kenyani Inima. (Source: Flickriver)

What is Kisii County’s Population?

According to recent statistics, Kisii County has a total population of 1,152,282. That is one million, one hundred and fifty two thousand, two hundred and eighty two Kenyan citizens residing in Kisii county and has more women than men. (Male: 48 %, Female: 52%).

Other population statistics includes:

  • Population Density: 874.7 people per Km 2
  • National Percentage: 2.9 %
  • Annual Growth Rate: 2.75% (2009)
  • Age Distribution: 0-14 years (45%), 15-64 years (51.6 %), 65+ years (3.4%)
  • Number of households: 245,029

Any Information about Education in Kisii County?

Yes, InformAfrica was able to gather Africa information about education in Kisii county, and the recent available data is that from a 2007 statistics. As of 2007, Kisii county has a total of 1,101 Primary Schools and 363 Secondary Schools. Those are the number of institutions in the county.

Other information about education in Kenya’s Kisii County are listed below:

  • Primary: Total Enrollment (273,111)
  • Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 41 (Public Schools)
  • Secondary: Total Enrollment (60,098)
  • Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1:27.7 (Public Schools)
  • Tertiary: Over 70 (Colleges, Universities and Polytechnics)
  • Adult Literacy Classes: Total Enrollment (Over 1,600)

AFRICA: Information about Kisii County in Kenya

Any Information about Health in Kisii County?

Kisii county map

Kisii county map by Albert Kenyani Inima. (Source: Flickr)

Though InformAfrica is still gathering Africa information about health statistics in Kenya’s Kisii county; we know that the county has a good amount of health facilities open to the over 1 million residents living in the area. Kisii county has 4 District Hospitals, 9 Sub-District Hospitals, 80 Dispensaries, 23 Health Centres, 12 Medical Clinics, and 2 Nursing Homes, among others.

The following are some interesting health statistics on Kisii County and residents:

  • Doctor to Population Ratio: 1:34,992
  • Infant Mortality Rates: 90/1000 (Kisii District)
  • Under Five Mortality Rates: 109/1000
  • Prevalent Diseases: Malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, HIV/AIDs
  • Notable Hospitals: Gucha and Kisii District Hospitals and Tabaka Mission Hospital.

Any information or economic statistics on Kisii County?

Yes of course. There are about 51% Kenyans living below the poverty line in Kisii county. Therefore, the poverty level of Kisii county population is: 51%. The major economic activities or industries in the county are: Subsistence agriculture, vegetable farming, small-scale trade, dairy farming, tea and coffee growing, commercial businesses and soapstone carvings.

Other economic statistics and information available for Kenya’s Kisii county are listed below:

  • Age Dependency Ratio: 100:94
  • Resources: Soapstone, Arable land
  • Financial Services: More than 8 commercial banks, over 6 micro-finance institutions
  • Agricultural products: Tea, coffee, bananas, tomatoes, vegetables, dairy products, maize, sugarcane.
  • CRA Allocation:  3,581,287,040

What are the potentials and developments in Kisii county?

Talking about potentials, Banana is a largely grown crop in Kisii county. Further more, Soapstone is mined in the area and brings the county substantial income. As for developments, Fibre optic cable have been laid in Kisii which will open up the area’s ICT businesses.

What are some of the challenges Kisii county face?

The known and documented challenges Kisii county faces is that education standards have recently dropped dramatically in the area, hereby leaving room for illiteracy to take its detrimental course. Kisii county also tops the recently released bribery index, and harassment by local council officers is prominent.

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