Information About Africa For Children (Kids)

Information about Africa for children is a post page on InformAfrica providing relevant information and resources about Africa – specifically for kids learning about Africa.

Information about Africa for children

Information about Africa for children is a must-read for all parents looking for resources that could potentially increase their child’s interest and knowledge about Africa.

This is done by researching the web for contents created for children learning that is related to African countries, Africa history, fun facts about Africa, animated African movies for kids, African animals, etc.

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life, they are the future of tomorrow and ought to have knowledge about Africa as they grow. Regardless of race or region, this knowledge gathering procedure about Africa applies to all children of the world and parents should be involved in their children’s learning proccess.

Recently, Kevin Onuma, an African web researcher in the diaspora-USA, reported to InformAfrica that African parents living in diaspora are very much eager to not only teach their children African values, but also for their kids to learn about African history, culture, and certain information about Africa. According to him, many African parents in diaspora are highly concerned about the negative impact western influence may have on their loved ones, and see the importance of teaching them African values even if it means moving back to Africa for such purpose.

According to Kevin Onuma, I recently conducted a web research on information about Africa for children for an African parent in the U.S who is blessed with two lovely kids. My web research, which involves using multiple search engines to find specific information, produced several results about African history, African books, geography, arts, festival, Africa animations, among others. However, only information suited for kids were passed on to the parent.

Below are some information about Africa for kids shared by Kevin Onuma:

1. African History for Children:

According to, Africa is the place where people first originated, so African history goes back further than in any other place on earth.

At first, about two million years ago, there may have been only about 2000 people in all of Africa (or anywhere in the world), and they lived by gathering wild plants and by scavenging meat that other, stronger animals had killed. About 1.9 million years ago, they began using stone tools, and about 800,000 years ago they began to use fire. Cooking their food on the fire to make it easier to digest may be what gave early people the extra energy to grow bigger brains and become modern people. These first modern people probably started out in south-east Africa. To learn more about African history for children, visit

2. African Books For Children:

Reading is fundamental. Therefore, InformAfrica encourage parents to motivate their children towards reading often (make it a habit), especially reading about Africa. Parents, did you know that reading with your kids can dramatically improve their ability to read? So grabbing a few books about Africa and reading along with your children will help increase their ability to read fluently. Few reading books were found on the web for “African books for children“, and they include:

3. African Tales, Stories, and Animation:

Information about African tales, stories, animation for children that were discovered on the web are provided below. This is an entertaining way to teach children about Africa.

4. Fun Facts About Africa For Children:

Below are fun facts about Africa including links to informative resources:

Africa is the most centrally located of all the continents. Learn more.

Africa is the most tropical of all continents. It is straddles the equator and incorporates both the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. The climate south of the equator mirrors that of the north of the equator but the shape of the northern half of Africa reduces any maritime influence. Read more here: Facts and Information about Africa.

Africa is the second-largest continent on Earth, with an area of 11.7 million square miles. Not surprisingly for such a huge land mass, it is home to an incredible variety of climates, cultures, animals and plants. There are 53 countries in Africa and approximately 1 billion people. Africa is widely considered to be where human beings first evolved. Read more here.

Africa is as long as it is broad. It measures approximately 7,500 kms from South to North as well as in its east-west extent. Read more here.

Evidence points to a common human ancestry originating in Africa from the emergence of a humanlike species in eastern African some 5 million years ago.

Africa’s Sahara desert is the largest expanse of dry land in the world, and is over 10.4 million square kilometers.


Note: This information page about Africa for children is regularly updated. Bookmark this page and check back often for future updates. 

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