Over-spirituality is one of Africa’s biggest problem

InformAfrica – It seems one of Africa’s biggest problem back then and now; is over-spirituality. Otherwise, Africa and Africans will not be labeled today as the most religious people on the face of the Earth (which has resulted to nothing else but division, poverty, hatred, over-dependence, inferiority; just to name a few). Just an opinion. Read on…

Africans and Overspirituality

All this years of (over)spirituality or religiosity, what have the African people gained from it – realistically?

When the Europeans invaded Afrika several thousands of years ago, they did this totally in physicality; there was nothing spiritual about their decision and action to invade and conquer other nations.

Meanwhile, it seems like (many of) the African people were and have always being over-dependent on their spiritual being/gods/deities for protection and/or to fight off the oppression.

For instance, danger (oppressors/colonial thieves) cannot be coming your way and instead of thinking and doing something physically; you decide to do nothing but spiritually praying/wishing/hoping some god or deity will always be there to protect. You can’t expect things to work all the time. Things fail. Nothing and/or no one is perfect, not even a god or deity.

If the African people were never or have never being over-dependent on spirituality; the deception/slavery that comes with the foreign religions we practice fervently today, would have never worked on our people. I repeat….Never!

During the invasion of Afrika (slave trade), the europeans observed our (over-dependence on) spiritual (traditional religious) practices and the role it plays in our mentality, then created something (their own religion) that is intended to replace our own traditional religious practices to infect our spirituality and control our overall mentality.

This led to the creation of the “holy bible” for the African people, the only book Africans were allowed to read during and after slavery was slightly abolished; followed by the arabs copycat creation of holy quran. All these things the europeans/arabs did (and are still doing today) to the African people, was (and is being done) in physicality. The forcing of these two (christianity/islam) foreign religions on the African people were all done in physicality (hence slavery).

(Mind you, many of the stories and spirituality in the bible were originally that of Africans but was plagiarized, diluted, and re-branded as that of the europeans).

This brings one to the conclusion and widely accepted notion that too much of anything is bad. Therefore too much of spirituality is bad for not only the African people, but any other race on the face of the earth. We have to balance our living and doings in between this two powerful beings: Spiritual being (strength) & Physical being (strength). We can’t overpower our oppressors in spirituality, it has never worked and will never work. We need to apply both our spiritual and physical being to succeed in all our endeavors. You can’t do too much of the other.

This are my thoughts.


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