PHOTO: The statue of King Menkaure and his Queen and Pyramid

InformAfrica – This is a photo post showcasing the statue of King Menkaure (Son of King Khafree) and his Queen dating back to 2548-2530 BCE, including an image of his Pyramid in Giza. Read a brief history about his reign.

King Menkaure statue

We once ruled side by side, let’s get back to our rightful places.

King Menkaure, Son of king Khafree (4th dynasty),  was a powerful yet very respectable king; he is known as one of the most  fair kings in ancient Egypt. It is said that Menkaure used to compensate those  who got dissatisfied with any of his sentences out of his own purse. Historians  believe that Menkaure had a very short reign (18 years) as most of his statues  were unfinished.

According to information on the web, King Menkaure built the smallest pyramid among the pyramids of Giza, however the pyramid is still remarkable because it is the only pyramid in the 4th dynasty that was cased with sixteen layers of granite.

Below is a Pyramid of King Menkaure in Giza, Egypt.

Pyramid Of King Menkaure

Pyramid Of King Menkaure



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