Where Is Curry Powder From? Information About Curry Spice

Information About Curry Spice/Curry Powder

By Kevin Onuma

Ever wondered where curry powder is from? The origin of curry spice or who invented curry spice? Information about curry powder and benefits of turmeric is discussed on InformAfrica.

Where Is Curry Powder From?

There is little confusion with the Curry Spice or Curry Powder in regards to its source and origin. Where is curry powder from? Some think or say the spice comes from a curry plant, while others say “Curry” is more of a catch all phrase for a combination of spices blended together as one. I say the latter is more accurate based on my research and observation. Other information I discovered states the curry plant is not edible, has no taste and shouldn’t be eaten at all. Meanwhile few other sources states the plant to be edible, and used by some in their mixture of curry spice. However, it is important to note that standard (real) curry spices do not contain no such thing as curry leaves (Helichrysum italicum, a flower plant).

Not to forget, Curry spice or Curry powder, is a very popular condiment in all parts of Africa and used in various traditional and modern dishes, including the popular Nigerian dish – Jollof rice.  Curry spice is also widely used in Asian-Indian cooking, which is where most would likely believe it originally originated from.


Where is curry powder from? Information about Curry Spice

Where is curry powder from? Information about Curry Spice discussed on InformAfrica.

Who Invented Curry Spice?

But one question lingers on….who actually invented the Curry Spice? Few sources quote the British Army to have invented the spice (Yeah right), while many others refuse to credit the origin or invention to anyone or any particular region – since true information about the origin is not clear, neither is it historically documented. Curry spice or powder can contain as many ingredients (herbs & spices) as you wish if making one yourself. In my opinion, whoever invented curry spice must an Asian-Indian, if not an African.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

The almighty Curry Spice is full of many health benefits, it’s not even funny. One of the core components in Curry spice is Turmeric – which is also responsible for the yellow-golden color of the spice. Now, the main component of turmeric is curcumin, and this component possess antioxidant properties that destroys free radicals that affect our cells (especially the brain cells) – which results in premature aging and several disorders. [See: Biomechanism.com/tag/turmeric-health-benefits]

It strengthens the liver and rids it of toxins. And those at risk of heart diseases can incorporate a pinch of turmeric in their meals to prevent any damage to the arteries. Turmeric also lowers cholesterol levels, and does not allow clots to form in the arteries.


Further more, this curcumin has been shown to prevent several kinds of cancers in animal lab test. Curcumin can prevent a tumor from growing and spreading through the body – it has been confirmed in studies on animals afflicted with tumors in the colon, prostate gland and breast.

Curcumin has also been shown in animal studies to protect the brain as it ages. Asian Indians have at least half the age related brain diseases (like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) compared to those in the rest of the developed world. One possible explanation of this is their daily consumption of turmeric in traditional dishes.

A standard Curry spice or Curry powder must at least contain the following spices/herbs: Turmeric, Coriander seeds, Cumin Seeds, Garlic, Nutmeg, Fenugreek, Mustard, Ginger, Salt. Mind you that, the more the ingredients, the better, and more costly the spice.

In conclusion, Curry Spice or Curry Powder is not from curry plant or Helichrysum italicum, a flower plant – but rather it’s made from a mixture or blend of powerful herbs and spices. This brings us the end of information about curry spice on InformAfrica. (Love, appreciate, and respect nature always).



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