The U.S in Africa: Who benefits the most? Americans or Africans? (Video)

Africa Today discusses where U.S Policy in Africa is heading. Indicating the U.S continues to protect her imperial interest in Africa.

InformAfrica — The fanfare is over after Obama’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia. But what has Africa gained from her engagement with the U.S? Historically, the U.S has protected her imperial interest.

The fact that Barack Obama is of African heritage created hype and expectations, which frankly haven’t been met. The top priority however during Obama’s administration, seems to have been the setting up of permanent and rapidly mushrooming security initiatives. Press TV’s Africa Today asks: U.S and Africa, who benefits the most?

How genuine is the US in promoting growth in Africa? The US’s history of wrongdoings in Africa includes support for dictators who were on good terms with US, the plundering of African resources and the destruction of their agriculture.

The US has played a pivotal role in sabotaging the natural evolution of democratic African institutions if they did not suit the US agenda.

After World War II, Africa was seen both as a resource and a weapon in the Cold War against the USSR. Leaders like the Congo’s Lumumba were systematically sabotaged or assassinated because they exposed the nature of imperialism and its role in Africa.

Pan-Africanism, the idea of a united states of Africa, was attacked at its birth in the late 50 and early 60s. The early independence movements in Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria and the Congo were all manipulated to create the leadership vacuum and rampant corruption characterizing so many African governments today.

With that said, what are U.S interests in Africa? If Africans lack the knowledge and awareness of the U.S neocolonial activities in our motherland, how then can we truly move forward?

In the current neo-colonial system in Africa, our governments are constantly seeking aid from their colonial masters who continue to control and cipher resources out of Africa, while also protecting corrupt governments who promote America’s interest even at the detriment of Africa’s interest. In today’s status quo, Africans praise their enemies and condemn their Pan-African heroes like Kwame Nkrumah, Robert Mugabe and Muammar Gaddafi.

Photo of Obama in Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Is Obama a traitor to Africa or messiah to Africa? The son of Africa indeed.

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