By Philmore AKHENATEN Carter

InformAfrica – Without the Torah, Bible, Quran, religions and Gods; there wouldn’t have been any justification for slavery, rape, slaughter, exploitation, of hundreds of millions of innocent men women and children around the world.

Without Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, & others; all human beings would live as one nation. There wouldn’t be any so-called “chosen people” or “special people” on earth.

Without these holy-books, religions, and gods; the world would be a much better place. We would have no hell to scare us, no heaven to bribe us, no religion to divide us, no gods to curse and condemn us and no devil to roast us.

Without these holy-books, religions, and gods; all mankind would be totally free to think, reason, investigate, research & prove all things for themselves. Free to reject with scorn all myths, superstitions, falsehoods, oppressions & injustice without fear of punishment.

Without these holy-books, religions, and gods; all the basic human rights and needs would be guaranteed to all mankind without regards to race, color, creed, nationality, or belief etc.

Without these holy-books, religions, and gods; there would be no holy-man, holy-land, holy-water, or holy shrines: these would all just what they really are nothing more than man, land, water & tombs with bones in them.

Without these holy-books, religions, and gods; some people would not be on their knees every night praying to their god for the world to quickly end, so they can fly off into the sky while others burn under the earth forever: instead we should all be doing our best to make this earth a heaven for every human-being to enjoy and leave earth a much better place for our kids to inherit after we are long gone.

My plea to all mankind is that for all of us to awake from our sleepless slumber and realize that we are now living in a different time we are long out of the dark ages. New light has come into the world, enough light to permanently remove the shackles from our minds, bright enough light for us to destroy all our fear for hell’s fire, strong enough light to neutralize our crave for heaven’s bliss. Enough light is now in this world for us to get rid of all the so-called holy-books, religions, & gods that are not beneficial to all mankind; we must replace all bibles with Brains, all religions with Reason and all gods with Goodness.

Let’s all banish all holy-books, religions & impotent gods back to the dark ages where they all belong: because the light of the age enlightenment as taught us that: life is just for living, we all should eat drink be happy and love each other; we must use KNOWLEDGE to take “heaven” out of the sky and bring it down here on earth, and quench the fires of “hell” with TRUTH, because tomorrow we shall all die. Anyone who tells you that he/she knows exactly what will happen to you after you die , because his/her god, religion, or holy-book told them what exactly will happen, is a crook, a fool, a liar, or all three rolled into one.

Philmore AKHENATEN Carter 


  1. ajamu chaminuka March 5, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    When one looks around today at what mankind is doing in the name of religion,you understand what Dr John Henrik Clarke said when he proclaimed that all religions are nothing more than male chauvinist murder cults!


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