Is France, United Kingdom, United States, financing terrorism in Africa?

Historical incidents, shows the Western powers are rooted in many of Africa's unrest

InformAfrica – Is France, United Kingdom, and United States governments, jointly financing terrorism in Africa? An external group of people or countries so to speak, may be masterminding and financing terrorism on the African continent.

What if France, Britain and the US governments, are behind unrest in Africa?

What if France, Britain and the US governments, are behind unrest in Africa?

“An External Intelligence Response Unit (EIRU) has been reportedly established by Nigeria, Benin Republic, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, France, United Kingdom and the United States. The intelligence unit is expected to receive, process  and provide relevant information that will help end the increasing terrorism in Nigeria and also help guard against the spread of attacks in Nigeria’s northeast to other West African countries.”

President Jonathan in a WashingtonPost article, proposed we build on this foreign intelligence unit to establish an enduring, worldwide commitment to destroying terrorism and those who finance or give safe haven to the terrorists.

So what if France, United Kingdom and the United States are the once financing terrorism in Africa? Before forming the so-called “EIRU”, what thorough investigations have the Nigerian and African governments conducted in alliance to clear suspicions their western allies are not behind many of Africa’s unrest?

Despite multiple independent investigations and reports, that these so-called Western allies are behind the many unrest in Africa.

The ‘puppetual’ mindset of many African leaders, is screwed; hereby screwing our people, resources, and the continent.

Anyone who doubts the possibilities of France, Britain, and United States governments, financing or masterminding terrorism in Africa; should take a look at what happened in Libya. How these western allies funded and trained rebels in Libya to create political unrest and topple their government.

There were even France and US military forces on the ground during the 2011 political crisis in Libya. After which the then US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, laughed hysterically when she said: “We came, we saw, he died” — referring to their killing of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

There is a huge difference between a true friend, a friend in disguise (frenemy), and a full blown enemy. Take a look at history when conducting your own due diligence to confirm the West’s involvement in many of Africa’s unrest.

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