Signs of the US dollar crashing, are Africans in America aware?

InformAfrica – There are strong signals the world may soon be experiencing the crash of the US dollar value as countries shift to gold to finance trade, are Africans in America aware and properly informed?

The crash of the US dollar, are Africans in America aware?

The crash of the US dollar, are Africans in America aware?

In a video news report publish by RT on October 7 2013, Karen Hudes, a former senior counsel at World Bank, gives insight on why the recent US government shutdown is beyond just ObamaCare (a cover-up), but more of a terrible currency problem due to the United States Federal Reserve Bank printing of money like there is no tomorrow and if they continue with their illegal printing of money, the rest of the world are not going to accept them any longer.

For instance, BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have agreed to finance trade among them with offsets and pay for the difference in gold. The US Congress, reportedly have been fighting with the US presidency because the Presidency has been in total contempt which is why Congress is fighting to bring a solution to this monetary international corruption that is ruining the dollar value as an international reserve currency.

Here’s what Karen Hudes have to say regarding the crash of the US dollar:

If you look at what’s going in the gold and other precious metals markets, silver as well, we’re headed towards something called “permanent gold backwardation”- that means there is a loss in confidence in the fiat currencies that are issued by those private banks. They like to consider themselves as ‘public banks’ but they really are owned by private entities. And these currencies are about to crash because they are valueless, that’s what always happens to paper currencies that aren’t backed by assets.

RT news anchor, Sophie Shevardnadze then questioned Karen Hudes regarding the “gold backwardation” she mentioned: Gold is often chanted as perfectly safe investment and alternative to the dollar, even. But how come the price of gold is falling?

Karen Hudes had this to say: Because of market manipulation – but that can only continue for so long because the Central Banks are running out of gold and the rest of the world are lining up to buy them. If you want to buy gold today, you have to pay a premium. What they are offering in the future is called ‘a naked short’. They don’t have the gold to back those offers, that’s illegal what they are doing.

Watch the YouTube video below titled ‘Dollar Valueless, About To Crash‘ – World Bank Whistleblower

You can read the full transcript of the interview here:

You can download the video interview here:


For Africans living in America, how do you intend to survive the fall of the dollar (if it eventually happens)?

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