Five Recommended Africa News On The Web Today June 13th 2012

InformAfrica snooped around the world wide web today to inform fellow Africans both on the continent and in diaspora of Africa news trending on the internet. Today’s recommended news are somewhat influential or otherwise positive.

InformAfrica recommends the following Africa news today: 

Five Recommended Africa News

Five recommended Africa news on the web for June 13, 2012.

1. South Africa’s $35 Billion Rail Plan to Unlock Minerals

The first positive Africa news discovered today was published on BusinessWeek. The website states that South Africa is pumping 300 billion rand ($35.6 billion) to expand and improve its railways, ports and fuel pipelines, a catalyst to help unlock the world’s greatest mineral wealth. To read the full story, go here.

  Also check out: 

2. Rwanda and Burundi To Establish Mining Deal

The second Africa news InformAfrica recommends is the mining deal being established between Rwanda and Burundi published by Rwanda’s New Times. According to the website, Rwanda and Burundi are in the process of establishing an association that will bring together all players and government authorities in charge of mining to jointly develop the sector in the two countries.

The partnership deal aims at coordinating and strengthening the working relationship of the mining sector in both countries, according to the officials. Read the full story here: Rwanda, Burundi in mining deal

3. Over 55,000 Rwandans To Benefit From Water Project

Rwanda’s New Times also reports that at least 55,000 residents from 11 sectors in the Kirehe and Ngoma districts of the east African country will benefit from an $18 million water project financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) upon completion this year.

The project is said to provide support towards the establishment of water management committees to operate and maintain the facilities while enhancing the capacity of district authorities to supervise water-based cooperatives. Read the full Africa news here: Over 55,000 to benefit from JICA water project

4. Fraudsters Hacks Into Bank Accounts In Ghana

The fourth Africa news InformAfrica recommends today is about fraudsters that have been hacking into the accounts of bank holders in Ghana. According to information published on GhanaWeb, although improvement in convenience banking is coming to Ghana, holders of ATM cards could be heading for misfortune as reports of fraud and hacking into customer accounts increase and permeate the good news. Read the full report here: Fraudsters Hacks Into Bank Accounts

5. Solar Plane Makes First Intercontinental Flight To Africa

Last but not the least, the fifth recommended news today is that of a solar airplane the size of a commercial passenger jet that flew from Europe to Africa for the first time.

It was reported that the intercontinental plane originated in Switzerland, then stopped over in Madrid due to a technical glitch, and then continued onward to Morocco. The 1,550-mile flight took 20 hours to reach Morocco according to news report. Read more about the story here: Solar plane makes first intercontinental flight

In conclusion, InformAfrica believes the news recommended today the 13th of June 2012 ensures that fellow Africans get their daily dose of Africa news and information in order to empower themselves, especially the youths, of what is happening in Africa.

Part of InformAfrica’s mission is to engage and encourage Africans on the continent and in diaspora to continue to discuss influential events that calls for action or celebration of our African values and/or existence.

In your opinion, which of the recommended Africa news today is most influential to you? Comments are open below.


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