Interview: Nigeria’s Osun State hopes to partner with China on agriculture

LAGOS,  — Nigeria’s southwest Osun State is ready to partner with China on agriculture and farm produce processing and also welcomes the Chinese investors to boost its agri-oriented industries, state governor Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola told Xinhua on Friday.

Nigeria coat of arm and flag courtesy AfricansConnect

“We are keen on agricultural programs and projects particularly food. So we are going to explore possibility of engagement in food production programs and activities, ” he said ahead of his official visit to China, which will kick off on July 7.

“We are equally keen on logistics, movement of agricultural produce from our remotely located state to Lagos where the market is,” he added.

He said he would also explore the possibility of having investment in heavy agricultural equipment.

Osun State is blessed with vast mineral resources including gold, clay, limestone, kaolin and granite. Aregbesola welcomes the Chinese investors to tap the burgeoning industry.

“You will be able to access the entire Nigerian space with ease from Osun state that is a major advantage. Culturally, Osun is reputed to be the home of the 33 million Yorubas in Nigeria that is the origin of all Yoruba speaking people in the world. That gives it a cultural advantage over and above any other location in Nigeria,” he said.

Aregbesola said he is impressed with China’s rapid development in the past decades.

He said he is willing to experience the high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai during his trip.