Ghana increases minimum wage by 20 percent

Ghana has increased its minimum daily wage by 20 percent with effect from Tuesday, a trade union official said, citing an agreement reached by a committee representing employers, the government and labour groups.

“What this means is that from today no worker shall receive less than 3.73 cedis as daily minimum wage,” Kofi Asamoah, Trade Union Congress Secretary-General, told Reuters by telephone.

The move comes after a 10 percent rise in public sector pay announced last May and a revamp of civil service pay structures that is widely seen boosting many salaries in the sector.

However Asamoah said the impact on the economy of the latest measure may be mitigated by the fact that up to 85 percent of Ghanaian workers are employed in the informal sector, where implementation of the minimum wage may be patchy.

Most employees in the formal sector are thought to currently receive more than the minimum wage through negotiated collective bargaining agreements.

Ghana last year achieved middle income status with an upwards revision of its national output that produced a new estimate of average per capita income at $1,318.

That was up from a previous estimate of $753 widely seen as lagging economic gains of recent years.

InformAfrica reports – Society news, Ghana

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