Masquerades invades church in Ondo Nigeria, flogs Pastors severely

African Masquerades do not randomly attack people without a cause. Masquerades are an important part of the traditional African culture.

InformAfrica – This is interesting, it’s no big deal, and it’s not the first time to happen. It has been reported that four masquerades invaded a Christ Apostolic Church in Ondo State (Nigeria), severely flogging the Pastors and some worshipers who got in their way. But what evil did the Pastors commit that drew the attention of the masquerades?

Masquerades invades church in Ondo, Nigeria

Four Masquerades invades church in Ondo, Nigeria; flogs Evil Pastors.

According to new reports by Vanguard Nigeria, a church service was reportedly disrupted by four masquerades who flogged the pastors and the worshipers in Epinmi Akoko area of Ondo state.

Two of the Pastors were reportedly injured by the time the masquerades left the church premises. Vanguard gathered that when the masquerades arrived the church premises they were challenged by some of the church workers.

But they reportedly ‎overpowered them and went straight for their target.While other worshipers fled leaving the Pastors, their attackers reportedly had a field day dealing with them.

Vanguard gathered the matter ‎was later reported at the police station and one of the suspect (Tunde Arohunmolase) was apprehended.

Police detectives are probing the reason for the attack of the church by the masqueraders during the service. When contacted the police Image Maker, Wole Ogodo, confirmed that two Pastors were wounded during the attack and have been treated.

He gave the names of the Pastors as Jacob Ogunmola and Kehinde Ilori.

The Police Spokesman added that one of the suspect- Tunde Arohunmolase is in Police custody and has made useful statement.

It is important to state that, Masquerades do not randomly attack people. However, on rare occasions, they may attack bad people who harm the community one way or the other; or those who gets in their way.

Therefore, the pastors that were attacked most have been engaged in dubious activities in the Epinmi Akoko area of Ondo state, for them to have been attacked; that is what the report failed to mention. Note that, most brainwashed Pastors are constantly involved in the widespread demonizing of African cultures and traditions. This alone, is enough to draw the attention of the masquerades to the church.

Masquerades are an important part of the traditional African culture. They do not only entertain their communities during festivals, but also protects the community when the need arises.

Masquerade dancing is a very interesting and important cultural performance, usually carried out to entertain people during festivities. It has ageless practice in most African communities and enjoys, among other things, durability and continuity over time — made possible by family and communal inheritance of the art, craft, magic and culture.

It is generally believed that masquerades are spirits, springs from the ground and that the spirits and ancestors of the community are embodied in them.

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