Kenyan Sports: No elections till June -AFC Leopards Chairman

Sports Africa – The groups clamoring for control of AFC Leopards will have to hold their horses after the club’s National Executive Committee appealed to all the loyal members and fans to ignore the sensational and mis-advised calls for elections and other similar declarations from groups that are unrecognized and not in any way affiliated with the Club.

“In the past weeks, we have seen a number of such individuals, some whom are not even part of the 2,014 current registered members of the club, and whom for their selfish intentions choose to misquote the AFC Leopards SC constitution looking for a shortcut way into the club leadership.”said a statement signed b y chairman Alex OLe Magelo.

The statement went on to add that  the current office’s one year term ends in June as per the term of office in the clubs constitution section 4(ii)(a).

“It is surprising that some of the people claiming to take over the club at the moment were the purported officials who stole over Kshs.2m from the club’s account which our lawyers are pursuing through the correct channels.”he said.

Magelo went on to say that while they value the participation of members in the affairs of the club there are laid down procedures on how members can call for a general meeting to discuss any issue in the club.

“Amid challenges, the EC is pleased to announce that plans are at an advanced stage and it is just a matter of time before Branches are formally recognized. This will be made public in a roadmap that will lead to free and fair elections in June 2013.” Read Magelo’s statement Magelo finsihed by warnign that stern measures will be take against any persons who will be masquerading as Branch Officials when their Branches are not registered and thus they can not use the name AFC Leopards SC that is protected as a trademark.

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