Spam Alert: “RE: Dear User(s) – data verification from Gmail™ Team”

By Kevin Onuma 

InformAfrica – The “RE: Dear User(s) – Google data verification email from Gmail™ Team” is a spam email that calls for action in order to automatically subscribe the unaware to a mailing list – sold to advertisers in the database software niche.

Gmail spams in your inbox

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google, and has less spam compared to other free email services.

To raise alert, do not reply or respond to any of this spam emails (shown below) claiming to be from “Gmail™ Team” with a Trademark logo attached to it. If you do, you will notify the spammer that your email address is indeed valid, and your email address will be automatically entered into a mailing list sold to advertisers.

Below is what the spam email claiming to be from Google’s Gmail Team look like:


from: Gmail™ Team
date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 2:24 PM
subject: RE: Dear User(s)

Dear User(s),

Thank you for using our E-mail services provider. The Data-Security management recently searched the Gmail™-Accounts database only to discovered that your Account-Data is out-of-date on our Email Web-Based-Database and an unsuccessful login attempts from an unfamiliar location on your Google-Account.

Kindly follow these steps for your Account total Security on the new Database.

1. Reply this email-message with “YES”

2. Go back to your Account “Inbox” and wait for the Verification Message.

WARNING: This verification process is to confirm your identity on the
new version of Google database software.

Gmail™ Accounts-Team.


Since the spam email is about database software, those who shallowly reply to the message will have their email addresses sold by the spammer to advertisers or companies providing database software. It is a popular neat dirty trick used by professional spammers, and those unaware often become victims of this hoax.

Fellow Africans, if you ever receive  any of such spam emails discussed above in your Gmail inbox or any other free email services you use, do yourself a favor and delete them right away. Do not REPLY.

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